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Labour regulation

Agence ITER France brings its expertise in labour regulations to the table, the fundamental principles of which are detailed in guidelines for companies not based in France but who are required to second their staff to the ITER project in France. These guidelines describe the rules for entry, residing and working in France, as well as social security, labour and tax regulations and laws.

For legal queries or advice, write to:


Accommodation and transport

Agence ITER France  works hand in hand with the local representatives and authorities to provide a solid portfolio of accommodation and transport solutions for employees working on the ITER construction site in Saint Paul-lez-Durance. AIF has signed partnership agreements with several relocation companies (see below) and operators ("ressource" pages) offering accommodation. The AIF team simplifies the implementation of operational solutions (transport systems, park-and-ride) to optimise the commuting of staff (engineers, technicians, administrative staff, construction workers, etc.).

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Contacts :

Website Agence ITER France
AIF - Equipe Juridique AIF-WAI-regulation@cea.fr
AIF - Equipe "Logement - Transport" AIF-WAI-accommodation@cea.fr


ARII : Regional Agency for Innovation and Internationalization


The Regional Agency for Innovation and Internationalization offers companies specific support, free and confidential, for implementation and development projects in the South Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The agency is a gateway and interface to the entire regional territory and its stakeholders. Its main role in the Welcome Around ITER, in partnership with departmental agencies, is to provide companies with targeted proposals for all types of real estate and real estate available around ITER. Its other services include a wide range of "taylor made" support actions for economic projects at each phase of their development.

Contacts :

Website ARII
Cyril CHAMAKH - +33775106199 - cchamakh@arii-paca.fr
Danielle DUCREUX dducreux@arii-paca.fr


Since 2006, the French ITER Industrial Committee (C2I) has been facilitating partnerships by involving more than 300 French industrialists in the project and organising optimal conditions so they can answer calls for tender efficiently.

  • Forum and pre-competitive networking
  • Partnerships and Contacts
  • Industrial Conferences (ITER Business Forum)
  • Business to Business meetings
  • Information on calls for tenders

Contacts :

Pôle Emploi

Pôle Emploi, the French employment center, offers a variety of services: from defining your needs, to finding, and then integrating, your future employee.

Our teams are at your service to:

  • Select candidates based on your specific requirements
  • Preselect candidates using the simulation method of recruitment
  • Evaluate the candidates in a real work setting prior to recruitment
  • Communicate information on your specific employment needs


Contacts :

Website Pôle Emploi
Equipe ITER Pôle Emploi ( +33 4 4291 1213 ) recrutementiter.13992@pole-emploi.fr
Mme REFFET - Chargée de mission m-p.reffet@pole-emploi.fr

Réseau des CCI


Network of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CCI)

The network provides support to local companies interfacing with the ITER project by fostering local economic growth. This network is currently assisting around thirty local and regional companies vying for complex industrial contracts. Several information sessions are co-organised with C2I, such as civil nuclear meetings and contractor forums that enable SMEs to showcase their know-how for consortiums having signed contracts with the ITER project.

Contacts :